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Pinar Ciftci

Ciftci is a journalist and actor.

United States of America?

Slavenka Drakulic: Café Europa Revisited
Pandemic: How coordinated or in solidarity is Europe really?


Cass R. Sunstein: Too Much Information
KNOWLEDGE: What should we trust? How should we use the information we receive in our own lives?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cutting international cooperation

MIDDLE EAST: What significance does it have that the authorities have cut cultural support to a number of Norwegian actors working internationally? For example, Kirkelig Kulturverksted i Midtøsten?

Obedience in a corona time

Frédéric Gros: Disobey! A Philosophy of Resistance
Philosophy:  Why, where, when and for how long are we obedient?

How do you "stay home" if you do not have a home?

Jessie Kindig, Mark Krotov, Marco Roth: There Is No Outside – Covid 19 Dispatches
Pandemic: Even during the pandemic, we maintain our status quo; the privileged remain privileged, and the others remain outside society.

Protest can cost you your life

Nina Lakhani: Who Killed Berta Cáceres?
HONDURAS: Nina Lakhani's dangerous search for the truth behind the murder of environmental activist Berta Cáceres ends up in more questions than answers.

Have you worried about the state of the world today?

Sibylle Berg: Nerds save the world
VOLUNTARY WORK: Sibylle Berg has written a current book in which she interviews nerds who are trying to save the world.

Linguistic dishes

Kübra Gümüşay: Language and being
LANGUAGE AND GENDER: Kübra Gümüşay does a slightly different language dish in Sprache und Sein, where she advocates a new way of perceiving language.

The void after father

Sibylle Lacan Translated by Adrian Nathan West: A Father (2019)
Fathers missed: Sibylle Lacan, daughter of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, tells of a sore father relationship in this short but strong memoir.