Theater of Cruelty

Pinar Ciftci

Ciftci is a journalist and actor.

Children's digital use

INTERNET: Are we here presented with 224 pages of panic attacks?

What does a radically tender society need?

Hat: Turkish-German Seyda Kurt is concerned with hatred that produces tenderness. Hate is often rooted in racism, misogyny, xenophobia and prejudice.

Society on the brink of a nervous breakdown

PROSPERITY: Is there even a way back to our society as it was before? According to Stephan Lessenich, capitalism and prosperity in the West is a result of the exploitation of colonized peoples. But according to him, to abolish capitalism would be to abolish our democracy at the same time.

This long farewell to the parents

PENSIONERS: More of us are getting older, and there are fewer people to take care of them. In Norway, there are now over one million old-age pensioners. And what happens when the caring roles are reversed?

Why is love political?

PSYCHOLOGY: Love is not a project of isolation, but a project of freedom, according to Seyda Kurt: The freedom to be able to choose for oneself is about radical tenderness, about justice.

A voluntary forced relationship

PSYCHOLOGY: Is narcissism a social demand on the individual – that we must become more than what we are?

Venice and the women

WOMEN: Over the course of ten years, Cesilie Tanderø has traveled to Venice, Rome and Sicily. There will be three books of this. We mention here some selected women from the first city.

When conservatism becomes radicalized

In Radikalisierter Konservatismus ("radicalized conservatism") by the Austrian political scientist and journalist Natascha Strobl, we get a well-written analysis of how conservatism can become radicalized. Last year, the book was awarded the prestigious Austrian Bruno Kreisky Prize for...

A young girl's defense speech for sex work

Prostitute: "Perhaps I am like a very nice teacup ... used by many, but mostly treated with care," writes Liara Roux about being a prostitute.