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Pinar Ciftci

Ciftci is a journalist and actor.

About belonging

Aon Raza Naqvi (ed.): Third Culture Kids
IDENTITY: Finally comes the book about what it's like to grow up between two cultures, told by Norwegian third-culture children.

Surrogacy is a job

Sophie Lewis: Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family Author
FEED MACHINES? In Full Surrogacy Now, Sophie Lewis wants to change the surrogacy industry. She wants to strengthen the rights of the parties and avoid abuse.

No means no

Mithu Sanyal: Rape: From Lucretia to #MeToo
RAPE: Mithu Sanyal has written Rape: From Lucretia to #MeToo in the aftermath of #MeToo, where rape is one of the battles for feminism and still part of the news scene.

A woman in the boys club

Linda Gordon: Inge Morath: An Illustrated Biography
PHOTO: Inge Morath was one of the few female photographers of the 1950 who gained membership in the male-dominated Magnum Photos. In this illustrated biography we get to take part in her adventurous and unconventional life.

Honest and surprising meeting with Kuwaiti women

Maha Alasaker, Nada Faris: Women of Kuwait
ITS OWN ROOM: In Women of Kuwait, we get an insight into the lives of various Kuwaiti women through their bedrooms. Apparently there is little that separates them and other women in the world.

The hidden fascism

Natasha Lennard: Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life
FASCISM: Is it possible to live a non-fascist life in a society built on fascist power structures?

Heroines Hatun

Sherry Hormann: Only one woman
DEADLY INDEPENDENCE FIGHT: The German docu-drama Nur eine Frau portrays Hatun Sürücü's fateful struggle for independence and ends with her brother's honor killing.

The damned woman gender

Nimko Ali: Rude: There is No Such Thing as Over-Sharing
TABU: In Rude we get to know the female body's taboo but very natural source of sadness and joy – it's about the abdomen, from orgasm to pain and pregnancy.

Happiness is being genderless

DISPLAY: Artist Rona Yefman explores gender freedom in the transformative exhibition The Strongest Girl in the World at the Oslo Art Association.