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Paal Frisvold

Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

Lies, manipulation and filth

Anne Applebaum. Translated by John Grande: The swan song of democracy. Politics that fails and friendships that end
DEMOCRACY: Anne Applebaum shows how concrete historical events developed a political populism. How can we understand and counteract the forces that want the liberal, democratic, fact-based structure of society to come to life?

Green Deal for Europe

EUROPE The 11. December the European Commission presents the much-debated Green Deal.

An attempt to lift Britain out of the Brexit trenches

Calypso Nicolaidis: Exodus, reckoning, sacrifice – Three meanings of Brexit
BREXIT: Exodus, reckoning, sacrifice offer a welcome and entertaining attempt to bridge and "reunite" a UK that is divided over Brexit.

After the EU elections: Europe – what now?

GREEN CHOICE: In the future, border control, defense policy and climate will be some of the most important tasks for the European Parliament, which has now been filled by representatives from the Greens.

What does Michel Houellebecq want?

Michel Houellebecq: Serotonin
The controversial author Michel Houellebecq recently released his first book in four years. Will the book give the French farmers the help they need in the fight for their livelihood?

Sales Pitch!

COMMENT: Not a word was mentioned about the gas's geopolitical impact when Norway was in Brussels to market itself.

Europolitic striptease

James Kirchick: The End of Europe. Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age
Europe must fight alone to maintain the rights-based society we take for granted. 

To rebuild a run down country

Pere Portabella: General Report II: The New Abduction of Europe
Spain is barely saved from the edge of the cliff. Filmmaker Pere Portabella asks who will lead the way.

Soft porn for the down side

Jean Quatremer: Read the Salauds de l'Europe Guide to the Eurosceptics
As the last pacifist utopia of the modern world, the European adventure must continue, writes Jean Quatremer, who can still quickly become the useful idiot of the world.