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Into the lion's den

The weapons industry is worse today than ever, but there is hope, says Andrew Feinstein, author of the book behind the movie Shadow World.

Info war and arms purchases

EU and NATO leaders signal that they will strengthen military cooperation. Will it lead to increased militarization of Europe?

Istanbul attacks tear up Norwegian insanity

The terrorist attack on Istanbul airport this summer brought up an old story of an authoritarian regime and secret training camps for Islamist militants – as well as a failed Norwegian aid project.

NATO is criticized for "distorted and dishonest" documentary

Professor Richard Sakwa believes that NATO is conducting pure propaganda in a new documentary about the fire in Odessa two years ago, which took 42 lives.

NATO shows muscle

Will the doomsday clock move closer to twelve? Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons, and NATO is now arming along Russia's borders.