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Ranveig Eckhoff

Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

If we are to solve the climate crisis, we must speed up

Bernd Ulrich Kiepenheuer, Witsch Verlag: Everything is different. The Age of Ecology
CLIMATE: Sluggish speed in climate action will harm the climate, people and democracy, according to Bernd Ulrich.

Saudi Arabia needs public relations, but not everything can withstand the light of day

Susanne Koelbl: Twelve weeks in Riyadh
TRANSPARENCY: A country in crisis should become more open, but if the subjects resist, they are thrown into prison and risk torture.

To come to the world

Svenja Flaßpöhler, Florian Werner: Coming to the world. Parenting as a Philosophical Adventure
PARENTS: When a child is born, three people come into the world.

Future for trouble

Yuval Noah Harari Translated by Lene Stokseth: 21 thoughts for that 21. century
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: What many think of as the future is often the present. If not already past. What are we doing?

Where white star lions came down from the sky

TRAVEL-ESSAY: The white lions in South Africa became known in the world press in the seventies. But the white man's "discovery" of the white lion has now led these animals to the brink of extinction.

Is the rhino's destiny inevitable?

In southern Africa, a particularly humble and absurd war takes place – low in its bestiality, absurd because it is based on old superstition.

Entrepreneurs in the desert sun

Who would think that Morocco is a pioneer in solar energy and is investing heavily in achieving ambitious climate goals?

An accident, a cut, a photographer

Cameron Bloom & Bradley Trevor Greive: Penguin Bloom. The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family
Without these three elements, the book Penguin Bloom would never have come into being. The book's protagonists would certainly also have preferred that the story never came into being.

Should we burn de Sade?

The debate about sexual abuse and unculture in a predominantly male world is virus-like. Artists in particular are affected by the epidemic.