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Ranveig Eckhoff

Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

A dusty hovering in a sunbeam

James Lovelock: The Earth and I
EARTH: For many, James Lovelock has been a science enfant terrible for around 50 years.

Fate time for the Paris Agreement

Can we still count on the United States? As for the erratic – yes.

Taken by the stream

Marc Elsberg: Blackout. Tomorrow Will Be Too Late
Marc Elsberg's terrifying bestseller about how electricity terrorism can steer a society is now available in English.

Germany goes green

How has Germany's industrial nation ended up as a spearhead in renewable energy?

Water for all

Water is politics. Ten countries control 60 percent of all available fresh water in the world.

Oil-Norway's need for adult education

The harmless designation "23. the licensing round »has triggered a historic lawsuit against the Norwegian state.


For 12. time and again the UN has declared that Norway is the world's best country to live in. This does not apply to the wolf.