Theater of Cruelty

Ranveig Eckhoff

Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

A third-generation refugee returns home

Despite all the conflicting feelings about the traces of Nazi Germany, American-Jewish Deborah Feldman feels for the first time at home.

The noble art of lying

In Werner Sonne's new political thriller, fake and facts turn into a higher and most frightening entity.

You are what you do

For Henry David Thoreau, insight without action was of little value. He strongly advocated civil disobedience when conscience demanded it. 

Norwegian in German

60 000 Germans have been entertained by a humorous Norwegian book that no Norwegian publisher will know.

Healthy fat to great harm

The very popular avocado is associated with core values. Is it really as good as its reputation?

A dusty hovering in a sunbeam

EARTH: For many, James Lovelock has been a science enfant terrible for around 50 years.

Fate time for the Paris Agreement

Can we still count on the United States? As for the erratic – yes.

Taken by the stream

Marc Elsberg's terrifying bestseller about how electricity terrorism can steer a society is now available in English.

Germany goes green

How has Germany's industrial nation ended up as a spearhead in renewable energy?