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Squash, gender identity, life and death

Erin Heidenreich: Girl Unbound
Girl Unbound is a complex documentary about gender, sports, the Taliban, war and death threats.

Feminist everyday resistance 

Sara Ahmed: Living and Feminist Life
Living a Feminist Life is a sparkling handbook in practicing feminism in a world of new divides.

Nationalism in rainbow colors 

Anna-Maria Sörberg: Homonationalism
Western right-wing populists have become more gay-friendly in recent years, and tolerance and equality are becoming a new line of conflict. 

Plowing new ground in all directions

The Oslo / Fusion film festival has succeeded in presenting a program with a huge range, where the lesbian horror comedy Women Who Kill is one of the highlights.

Pioneering life

Kiki throws the viewer right into the lives of Black, diseased youngsters in New York, who for various reasons have been placed outside the American Dream.