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The Olympics were never a green boost for Rio 

Despite little happening in Rio, the Munduruku people in the Amazon home picked up an important victory.

"We're not going to get back until Dilma is back" 

"We are not interested in dialogue with Michel Temer's new government, we want to rule it," says the occupants as since 16. May has besieged the old Ministry of Culture in Rio de Janeiro. 

Small mosquitoes shake large apparatus

While Brazil is gearing up for this summer's Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the country's poor in particular are characterized by fears of a disease with little knowledge. "If all the Olympics had been used differently, there might have been less mosquitoes here today," says pregnant Marcelle.

While we wait for Belo Monte

RIO DE JANEIRO: Large areas of untouched forests in indigenous territories will be submerged, and 20 000 people will be forced to leave their homes. The disputed hydropower project Belo Monte is also under investigation by corruption – but the fight against the power plant is still considered lost.

From diplomatic dwarf to humanitarian superpower?

BRAZIL: Many fear the lack of international orientering with President Dilma Rousseff will lead to Brazil losing the status the country has gained in recent years.

A new type of superhero – more fun

The Brazilian people are upset and excited as an epoch-making corruption scandal plows new ground.

No one wants to talk about that

In Brazil, it is prohibited by law to abort a pregnancy, yet one million Brazilian women risk both life and health at illegal abortion clinics every single year.