Theater of Cruelty

Sevara Pan

Sevara Pan is a writer, based in Berlin.

About the Migration Filmmaker

MIGRATION: In Lettre à Theo ("Letter to Theo"), director Élodie Lélu explores the visions and work of the late Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos related to the refugee crisis in Greece.

Herzog: "Facts do not constitute the truth"

HERZOG: The acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his latest film Meeting Gorbachev and warns against expressing the truth in precise terms.

Laila, the mother of addicts

Laila at the Bridge takes us on a grueling journey to Kabul's gloomy drug environment, accompanied by a woman trying to save addicts.

All-right and the policy of the overtramp

Angela Nagle moans about everything right and explains why the movement has become a success story.