Theater of Cruelty

Sigurd Evensmo

Evensmo was formerly editor of Orientering, MODERN TIMES's forerunner.

Socialist Election Association

POWER: It involves a long-term process with the formation of one party – in permanent contact with the grassroots.

20 years that we didn't dare to dream about

THE STORY: Orientering was created as a fighting body after the Norwegian Labor Party had brought Norway into NATO. But the newspaper fronted both the East and West blocks. The newspaper's focus was particularly on working, wage and living conditions for small people, as well as surveying economic power in Norwegian society and the real power holders behind the Storting.

The Soviet Union and Solzhenitsyn

DISSIDENT: More and more scientists and artists are arrested, sent to prison or placed in psychiatric clinics as insane, if they have deviated from the "party line". Evensmo takes up Solzhenitsyn here after spending a couple of years reading everything he has written – well over 2000 pages.

The poisoning of humanity by militarism

Orientering 1971: In our time of invasion and occupation [read Ukraine], MODERN TIMES brings here Sigurd Evensmo's review of Finn Alnæs' The Fortress is Falling. A book quote reads: "Without blinking, we follow the motto 'the end justifies the means'. Without blinking, we follow a security policy that makes us accept national and international crimes."

The third position


The Nobel Prize for Chaplin 

The time is not "in" to give Chaplin the Nobel Peace Prize – it's a shame he hasn't received it long ago.

Our view of the United States

We socialists are often given square opinions about the United States and American politics, Sigurd Evensmo wrote in 1963. A polarized US debate of the kind we see before the election in 2016 is a tradition with strong roots.

The dream of the people

The simple fact is that a large part of the working class has settled with the capitalist welfare state, and is happy to let the dreams go to Majorca.