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Ohrem is a writer for Ny Tid.

Life without a safety net

Heinz Bude: Society of fear
The anxiety has become a private matter and this is dangerous, writes author Heinz Bude in the Society of Fear – an essayistic gem of a sociology book.

Short Film Festival Celebrates 40 Anniversary

: The short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand
The short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand is the world's largest of its kind, and celebrated its 40 anniversary in February. Through 8 packed days, over 500 films were shown on 12 different arenas.

Hang the disc jockey, burn the disco 

Charlie Brooker: Black Mirror season 4
Black Mirror season 4 consists of six standalone episodes with independent action sequences, but with powerful converging themes. These are projections of the intentional and unintended effects of technological duplication, and conflicts these create at both micro and macro levels.

The woman, the immigrant and the critical of immigration

AH Midtbøen, K. Steen-Johnsen and K. Thorbjørnsrud (eds.): Boundary struggles:. Contestations of Free Speech in the Norwegian Public Sphere
An interdisciplinary research group has recently published a pioneering work in the freedom of speech debate, in which the conditions for freedom of expression are given their overall presentation.

New anarchism for a new time

Information control and militarization, labor rights, liberalist globalization, climate and environmental politics, international and interpersonal solidarity are central themes in the recent history of anarchism as well as 150 years of history.

Science fiction anthology with a view to the abyss

The Netflix anthology Black Mirror delves deep into the human abyss. How far will technological developments go?