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Steffen Moestrup

Regular contributor to MODERN TIMES, and docent at Denmark's Medie- og Journalisthøjskole.

Permanent state of emergency

ESSAY: The power goes out, exchange rates fluctuate, bread prices explode, fuel disappears. There are also still traces of the explosion. Yet Beirut's hard-pressed citizens time and again manage to find a foothold in chaos. And the chaos is contributing to Beirut never becoming a clean-up city.

Books that become waves

Essay: What happens when we listen to a book while we are also doing something completely different?

Acting, structural and symbolic power

Media: Magne Lindholm has written an extremely welcome book about journalism and power, which is, however, occasionally brief enough

The environment, the people, the landscapes and the memories

Essays: Siri Hustvedt writes sensuous and dialogic essays. The writing constantly invites to be disconnected. The reader therefore discovers as much in his own life as in Hustvedt's.

We call it precariat

WORK: Precarious working life is perhaps alluring with its freedom and flexibility. But with the precarious also comes the uncontrollable, the unpredictability and the lack of rights. Precarious work has become widespread in a subject such as journalism. Nevertheless, I am still tempted by the flexible tasks, by the sense of variability, freedom almost.

It turns on some alarm bells with me

SORROW: With the book Good Grief, Shelley F. Knight has sympathetically set out to write a work that will help her reader understand and process grief.

Losing a life witness

DEATH: Can one grieve over a person who turned 97 years old? Grief can be deeply selfish and liberating collective. But grief can also create communities in the love of the deceased.

Combination of gossip and substance

Philosophy: The fascinating philosophical work Troldmændenes Tid manages to project a narrative about four thinkers and the lives that grievously shaped their thoughts.

Objective, free / independent, socially responsible, critically investigative, activist, subjective and dialogical

Journalism: Via the pragmatic philosophy, Steen Steensen and Harald Hornmoen create great relevance and applicability in their thoughtful writing about journalism.