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Who owns the land?

In the last few columns I have written some of my own experiences. It is time to highlight the work of someone else. Today it must be about colleagues in the Municipal Report and Technical Weekly.

everyday Encryption 

Encryption for Hvermannsen is actually very simple.

To examine a property

Realtors are selling the house. An appraiser or condition reporter investigates what kind of condition it is in. Most people just live there. But we journalists often have a slightly different relationship to real estate. For us, it's about property boundaries, ...

Check the car – and the owner

It can hide a lot of interesting information behind expensive cars.

The right to know

The three monkeys are a widely used illustration of those in power who will not hear, will not see, and therefore will not or cannot say anything about problems they are facing. But the three monkeys might as well be journalists – or you who read this. 

Find deleted information again

There are several ways to retrieve deleted information.

Find the bankruptcy rider

At the annual SKUP conference, we can share the rawness of our methods even if we are competing for the issues

Leer-Salvesen: Picture checks

There are many ways to investigate the origin of an image.