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Poglajen is a regular film critic in Ny Tid, resident

From the Pearl of the Black Sea to a political game piece

Director Oleksandr Techynsky, Director Alisa Kovalenko: Delta, Home Games
Odessa's international film festival was naturally influenced by political themes this year.

Indifference as an act of war

Mathieu Roy / Matthieu Rytz: Dispossession / Anote's Ark
Two Canadian films dissect the destructive forces of capitalism unleashing in the world and present how the market is a very suitable tool in the regulation of economic, social and political activity. 

Identity match in Croatia 

Nebojsa Slijepcevic: Srbenka
Srbenka is a skilled metateater that involves the actors' own experiences and memories of the war in the 90 century. It also provides a good insight into how everyday life is becoming apparent among the Serbian minority in Croatia. 

Three political periods in Serbia

Mila Turajlic: The Other Side of Everything
This documentary is a story from "the other side", which is not so common in the dominant narrative of Serbia before, during and after the war.

A star is created

Mark Kidel: Becoming Cary Grant
An experimental and poetic documentary gives the audience an astonishing insight into Cary Grant's career.

Not her master's voice

Pascale Lamche: Winnie
Supported by archival footage and comments from her followers, Winnie is also Madikizela-Mandela's own story, told by herself in interviews with the filmmaker.

Many Stalinists of today

Jessica Gorter: The Red Soul
Through interviews, observations and archive films we gain insight into the marvelous and widespread Stalin worship in today's Russia.