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Eriksen wrote for Ny Tids' predecessor Orientering.

The obedient servants

NATO defense is a sector of society that can only meet with total opposition. (Leading in Orientering 22.3.1969 )

Were the NATO countries really aware of the dangers that threatened them?

More exciting than a novel. A first-hand representation of the Cuba crisis, internal tension, dynamics. None other than Robert F. Kennedy could have written this condensed thriller from reality.

No, we don't love NATO

The political denial campaign is drawing attention to NATO's goals and strategy. We do not have soldiers with the protection of the "security of the realm" as the only task, but NATO soldiers who are obedient servants to the greatest and most offensive military force in history. The question is therefore no longer what values ​​one fights for, but what values ​​one fights for when one becomes available to the US Army, Northern Norway Division.