Theater of Cruelty

Tori Aarseth

Aarseth is a political scientist and a regular journalist at Ny Tid.

National DNA register under the radar?

Should blood samples from all newborns be stored forever? This is the proposal from the Ministry of Health and Care Services, which has recently been on a hearing.

Disagreement about health data

The Health Data Committee recommends the establishment of a national platform for health data, under dissent. Completely wrong focus, believes the head of the Norwegian Association for Medical Genetics.

Fear has returned in Egypt

"Don't write anything that can get me in trouble!" Says one. "I don't really know about that interview, I think I've changed my mind," says another.

New report: Conversion is possible but will cost

Stripping down the oil industry can mean huge job losses. A new report predicts what the fossil fuel industry will cost.

Norway – selfish and principled

The government has accelerated the announcement of new oil exploration blocks in the Barents Sea – in sheer desperation to keep a dying industry alive, says Truls Gulowsen in Greenpeace.

The road system both best and worst in class

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has the largest climate footprint in the state sector, according to a new report. The follow-up of environmental requirements for subcontractors is too poor, forecasts say.

The public chooses climate solutions

The authorities can choose climate-friendly solutions when they buy goods and services for 480 billion annually – but they do not.

To build peace

While the Foreign Ministry's section for peace and reconciliation spends one and a half billion a year, the Armed Forces budget exceeds 44 billion. What is the lesson of others who have created their own Ministry of Peace?

Norwegians' communications must be mass-stored

There is an uproar over the introduction of the most comprehensive surveillance method Norway has seen.