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Tori Aarseth

Aarseth is a political scientist and a regular journalist at Ny Tid.

Source protection and confidentiality can be set aside

"You can't do anything but communicate encrypted – I take it for granted that all open communication has already been intercepted," says filmmaker and journalist Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen.  

Can bring the cave lion and mammoth back

If zoologist Petter Bøckman gets what he wants, we get to see geirbird, cave lion and mammoth come back to Norwegian nature. Newer genetic technology is the key.

A fit complete totalitarian dictatorship

The technology needed to observe absolutely everything we do already exists. That scares Snowden's lawyer Ben Wizner.

Less monitoring, more humanity

Why is surveillance presented as the solution to the terror threat?

Intelligence in the time of the bullshit

We are unlikely to experience artificial intelligence in the near future. The question is how can we get stupid machines to facilitate human intelligence.

Are we killing privacy?

Will we in the future be sorted based on our genes? Gene research can provide new treatment methods for serious diseases, but to get there, our genomes need to be mapped. 

Commercial companies

A growing commercial market allows people to submit self-tests for cheap money and get answers to everything from disease dispositions to earwax type. 

Iraq: Ferris wheel and big politics

Rarely have I seen such high density of amusement parks, and rarely have I experienced such a strained silence.

Genetic human production

If we humans can transform ourselves – should we? Professor of Philosophy Benjamin Gregg is working to find answers to the social, political, and moral questions associated with a new form of genetic modification of humans.