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Tori Aarseth

Aarseth is a political scientist and a regular journalist at Ny Tid.

The boy who could change the world

The unique man Aaron Swartz is most notable in The Boy Who Could Change the World.

"Grave journalism is threatened"

The OSCE Representative for Press Freedom and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression are concerned about the growing surveillance threat to journalists.

The secrets of the empire

Overall, the embassy cables published by Wikileaks in 2010 draw a picture of the machinery of a modern empire.

How much can a camera see?

The rules of the game for what we can see with a camera are changing. Computers will soon be able to interpret images without human help.

"Slavery goes hand in hand with deforestation"

Deforestation in the Amazon is closely linked to land raids, killings and slavery. Independent grave journalists are working to get to the bottom of who is profiting on the destruction of the world's most important ecosystem.

New framework for the weapons industry?

The Defense Logistics Organization is closed down and EU directives are introduced. How does this affect the weapons industry?

War of the future

We are facing a paradigm shift in how wars are fought, triggered by military technology in galloping development.

The spy in his pocket

In reality, we have very little control over the thing in life that knows the most about us.

From tactical to strategic monitoring

Idealists in mathematics and IT are fighting to defend the principles of privacy and privacy that the world's intelligence services work to liquidate. Mathematics is on the idealists' side – if we just care about using it.