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Authoritarian or democratic?

Full-scale dictatorship, authoritarian rule, or the other half, democracy?

At the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) press conference, a question from the Chamber clearly proves: Whether OFF really "could define the United States as part of the democratic free world?". The man who poses the question to the panel refers to the record-breaking component of the US population in prison; peace prize winner Obama – who stepped up with bombing and drones, a huge surveillance device of his own citizens – and most recently: a new CIA commander linked to the torture of their prisoners.

Thor Halvorssen – OFF's founder and resident in the USA – answers sharply: «Let me be absolutely clear here. The answer is absolutely yes. " Halvorssen then distinguishes between three forms of government: full-scale dictatorship (China), competitive authoritarian states based on unfree elections, and well-functioning democracies. And for a state to be a democracy, he explains, it requires "free, fair elections, a free and independent press, conditional power and the distribution of power, and that executive and legislative authorities actually guard each other." In addition, a vibrant civil society where people are not persecuted or imprisoned because of their opinions. "

Halvorssen further elaborates that OFF does not focus on the likes of the United States, but rather authoritarian states, which he says constitute half of the world's states. Countries where the authorities, unlike Norway, imprison journalists and attack those who comment on things they do not like.

The man in the hall still insists on his focus on the United States, and is almost insulted by OFF's chairman Garri Kasparov: «Shame on you! You are trying to divert attention from real abuses, from a world where murder and violence are commonplace! Children are killed while we sit here! ” He also makes it clear that in Kasparov's Russia there are no free presidential elections, something we know. . .

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  1. "The man in the hall" is called Jimmy Dore and is a comedian and political commentator (has his own YouTube channel with over 350k subscribers). Feels personally he has a point .. Snowden had to flee the country when he revealed, extensive, illegal surveillance. Assange is imprisoned in an embassy, ​​etc. The United States violates human rights daily (helping Saudi Arabia with a siege war against Yemen, which is defined as a war crime). But you always find someone who is worse. Struggling a bit to capture the essence of this article. The Princeton study from a few years ago showed that the American people have zero influence on the policies pursued. The Democratic Party pre-elected Clinton and "put their thumb on the scale" so that it was made impossible for Sanders. Sanders has repeatedly said he is afraid the United States is becoming an oligarchy? Can anyone explain the point of the article?

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