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Storia di un communista.
The philosopher Toni Negri defends his earlier views in a thorough chronicle of Italian political history.

Toni Negri was born in 1933. In his words in the midst of the "Second Thirty Years War" (1914 – 45): Where the first was fought against the Protestants and peasants, the second was fought against the socialists and the workers. That's what it says early in this book, which clearly falls under the "memoirs" category. We read about how Negri, as a nine-year-old, loses his 18 year-old brother, an alleged suicide under unclear circumstances, and how shortly afterwards he experiences having a Jewish friend deported.

Also less dramatic information is included, such as how Negri was an active athlete as a young man. At 15 years old, he is still completely apolitical. But soon his grandfather, born in 1870, will introduce him to communism – "not as an ideology, or as a tool of struggle,. . .

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