Axel Jensen – from the tuxedo to the stove

Axel Jensen's life was an adventurous life: His heaven and hell, drunkenness and ecstasy, anxiety and arrogance are hard to bring to one formula. Torgrim Eggen has in a reading party of a biography balanced on the tight line between life and works and tried to penetrate through the author's self-mythologizing. The title of the biography is taken from Lul: "The genes you have to stress with your whole life, from the tuxedo to the stove." For: "The hair, the skin, the chop, the whole bump is controlled by them."

There are studies of Axel Jensen's writing that plow deeper than Eggen, such as Tom Eides Outsider positions (1991). And many of the funniest anecdotes are recounted in Jan Christian Mollestad's conversation book The wizard i Ålefjær (1993). But Eggen penetrates behind the myths and distinguishes between fact and fiction without becoming boring. He has found new interesting things in Jensen's surviving papers and interviewed family,. . .

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