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Behind the Panama Papers

It is interesting to study the reactions of politicians to the Panama revelations.


It did not take long for the revelations of cheating and corruption in Panama's "tax haven" before indignant and judgmental politicians started a "fighting struggle" to bring the community to life. KrF representative Hans Olav Syversen was first out to label DnB's involvement as "disgraceful", Minister of Business Affairs Monica Mæland would not be any worse, and could tell the Norwegian people that she has already initiated investigation of the case. Tax director Hans Christian Holte was quick on the field with assurances that "every stone should be turned", the sins taken and the community values ​​saved.
But. When King William of 1694 established the Bank of England, this marked the time when politicians "went to bed" with the big capital. As history shows, all political power depends on this unholy alliance. In the 322 years that have passed since the establishment of the world's first central bank, major capital and politicians have been dependent on each other. Without access to credit, there is no possibility of exercising ever more power and exploitation of the population through war, revolution, imperialism and colonism. The European and American banking dynasties of Rockefeller, Morgan and Rotschild and others. participated in and financed the Bolshevik Revolution, World War I and World War II, as well as a number of other conflicts and wars. It is naive and believe that it is different today, whether we are talking about the Middle East or Ukraine. It's good money to make war.
As demonstrated in Ny Tid earlier about money printing with the help of Fractional Reserve Lending, the political system is dependent on and submissive to big business. It is a paradox that while politicians and the same big business are actively contributing to a money-printing regime – which can hardly be called anything other than a solid "counterfeiting" and a pyramid scheme that engages our children and grandchildren – there is great political uproar that it is " put away »some money in foreign bank accounts, money that for all we know can be legally earned.
I The Ethics of Business from the 70s, the theory of "Folded lies" is the following: When something unacceptable is revealed, it applies to business leaders and politicians and shout loudly and clearly that unacceptable behavior must be stopped and punished. Explanation is immediately required by potential culprits, and then a committee is set up to "investigate the community." Time passes and when it is all but forgotten, a report is submitted to the responsible minister where the "failure of routines" is revealed and measures to change practices are proposed. Politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders applaud and praise each other for good work. The report then finds its way deep into the Cabinet drawer where it is forgotten. Everything continues as before.
It's quickly done to call this hypocrisy, which is about "to fail to practice the virtues one preaches»(Wikipedia). However, Samuel Johnson, one of England's most acclaimed authors, pointed out that one should be careful about characterizing someone for hypocrites:
"Nothing is more unfair, however common, than to accuse him of hypocrisy, expressing zeal for the virtues which he himself fails to practice, since he can be genuinely convinced of the benefits of mastering his own passions, without having yet defeated them. »
Similarly, an alcoholic who talks about moderation will not be perceived as hypocritical as long as he does not claim sobriety.
Believe about KrF Representative Syversen, Trade Minister Maeland and tax bureaucrat Holte fall into the same category. Like the alcoholic, they seem genuinely indignant about everything "dingy," but like the alcoholic, they have neither the will nor the ability to do anything about the basic problem, the addiction to big capital, simply because, like the alcoholics, "they drink from the same source. "
Political philosopher Fredric Bastiat said the following about the looting:
"They create for themselves, over time, a legal system that accepts the looting and a code of morality that glorifies it."
Is the indignation and all the fuss also a kind of alibi or sham for the moral inadequacy of politics?

His Eirik Olav
Hans Eirik Olav
Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

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