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Bannon's laws of nature

American Dharma
Regissør: Errol Morris
(England, USA)

Steve Bannon was the brain behind what was actually a revolution in the United States. Is it time we take him seriously?

"Elections have consequences, and after all, it was me who won." That's what then-elected President Obama told Eric Cantor in the first days of the presidency, during debates over the stimulus package Democrats hoped would reverse the financial crisis. It is also, albeit in a completely different way, the reason for Errol Morris' new documentary American Dharma, about the former head of Breitbart; Trump strategist and populist crusader Steve Bannon. Whatever you think of him – and if you read this, I think I know exactly what you think of him, and probably what you think Morris gives him a platform – the fact is that he won, in a sense, to and with more than Trump did, and that matters. We should all try to find out exactly what that meaning is.


Many have pointed out that American Dharma joins nicely next to Morris' portraits of Robert S. McNamara in The Fog of War (2003) and Donald Rumsfeld i The Unknown Known (2013), and forms a kind of trilogy of a peculiar American evil. . .

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Daniel Glassman
Glassman lives in Toronto and writes about film and music. See also povmagazine.com

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