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Children as a participant and audience

Regissør: Janet van den Brand

Ceres is a film about changing stereotypes and making people think differently.

Pig cubs are born, their weak little bodies – sticky and tangled with placenta and umbilical cord – fill the entire canvas. Cows are milked while the boy in blue overall caresses the kurumpa, cleans the barn and rests his head gently against the back of the cow.

Another boy, in green overalls, sits on the potato recorder and carefully examines the harvested potatoes. We hear him say: “I never doubted that I would become a farmer. My grandfather took over after his father, and my father took over after grandfather. It would be nice to continue for another generation. ”One can only admire the mixture of innocence and determination the young boy expresses.

The third, a little older than the other two, is not as sure of his identity: “I am the only one of my friends who wants to work on something in agriculture. But they can. . .

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Melita Zajc
Zajc is a media writer, researcher and film critic. She lives and works in Slovenia, Italy and Africa.

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