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Green system change and circular economy

ESSAY: In order to safeguard our livelihoods, we should move away from a system that continually requires us to become more efficient, productive, and profit-maximizing.

Hammer is Dr. Polit. in Sociology and regular reviewer in MODERN TIMES.
Published: September 16, 2020

On 25 June 2020, a petition with 75 signatories was published in a number of Norwegian newspapers. The message was that we must develop an economic system "that can give us a good life without increasing the consumption of energy and material resources", and that work on such a system change must begin immediately. The appeal sparked debate, with input from both critics and defenders of the current order.

Those who rejected the demand for system change emphasized the value of the established system - a liberal order characterized by the distribution of power between the state, economy and civil society, with a great ability to ensure prosperity and welfare for more and more people. The defenders of the system therefore called for a clearer indication of what should be done…

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