BEFORE AND AFTER THE EXPLOSION: How to patch up a city

TRIPOLI / BEIRUT: One of Lebanon's most controversial directors, Lucien Bourjeily, has put the country on the international theater map through his theater productions.

Published: October 10, 2020

Six years ago, two Lebanese militia groups met on the theater stage, in a play about their own lives. The play made the former arch-enemies national symbols of how to build a bombed-out city. In October 2014, the fiercest fighting broke out in several years in the Lebanese city Tripoli, XNUMX km south of the Syrian border. The civil war in the neighboring country had ignited old tensions between the city's two rival parts, separated by the dreaded Shari 'Souriyya, Syria Street.

A few weeks later, this street was transformed into an invisible front line in a small meeting room, furnished with white plastic chairs. On…

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