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Settlement reports

In Hebron on the occupied West Bank live 600 Israeli settlers fighting for Israeli rule in the city. New Time has visited them. 


"I think it was right of the soldier to shoot – the terrorist could have had a bomb. I was standing on my balcony taking pictures, and it was clear that people in the scene were scared. And now the soldier should be brought to trial because he protected the people he is set to protect. It is completely unbelievable."

Tizpi Schlissel looks at me and punches with his arms. The volume of her voice has been steadily up and down since the conversation started just over half an hour ago – and now the volume is at its peak:

"The soldiers are here to protect us from people who want to wipe out our existence – not just from Hebron, but from all of Israel. The Jews have been assigned a small land, and we must fight. . .

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Carima Tirillsdottir Heinesen
Former journalist for MODERN TIMES.

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