PAID BY THE US MARINE: New base in northern Norway directs US warplanes and nuclear submarines

ORIENTERING / June 10, 1972, (on Norwegian base policy).


Norway has a new NATO base. This time it is Bratland, Lurøy on the Helgeland coast (south of the Gildeskål base in Novika) that is being built in NATOs service. The base is paid for by the US Navy, and is part of the so-called Omega system – a worldwide navigation system – which i.a. the US nuclear fleet of Polaris and Poseidon submarines and the US bombers used in Vietnam benefit greatly. This is yet another proof that our country in reality serves as a base for nuclear weapons and for the needs and interests of foreign powers.

As early as 1964, the United States Navy received permission from the Department of Defense to establish a test station for Bratland for the Omega navigation system. This system. . .

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