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Conditional environmental optimism

The red-green has promised a strong focus on the environment, but oil in the north and predators are splitting. The environmental organizations follow the new government with a false look.


Environmental organizations are now waiting for results from a government that has promised more than anyone else before the election. Although the red-green government in many areas has a healthier profile for its environmental organizations than its predecessor, there are areas that they believe are going in the wrong direction:

The government has not stated clearly what is going to happen in the Barents Sea. The question is addressed later. In the government, SV is in the minority and is at risk of being overrun by Ap and Sp about how extensive the oil business in the Barents Sea will be. Another area where there is disagreement in the government is the question of how the predators should be in Norway. Here too SV may appear to be the party that has to give up.

Leader in Nature. . .

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