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Bjørneboe and Barba

Was Bjørneboe a greater novelist than a playwright?

Elsa Kvamme, today a film director, was asked by Eugenio Barba almost 20 years ago to make a book based on the unpublished letters between him and Jens Bjørneboe (see also interviewed with Therese Bjørneboe). Pax Forlag joined Dear Jens, dear Eugenio in 2004. Kvamme was once one of the few who entered his theater school (Odin Teateret) in Denmark.

I ask Kvamme about Beard: "I know him well as a professional, person and artist. He has retained the indignation of his youth, and continues with rebellious theater. It is touching to see how Bjørneboe's poems are still often included in the performances, translated into many languages. "

The book describes Barba as a success, while Bjørneboe struggled with dark forces: “They were also different. Barba is an officer's son, went to military school, while Bjørneboe came from a wealthy family, he was probably not one. . .

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