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Bjørneboe, Gateavisa, and post-anarchism

Is it possible that traits from anarchism still have great validity for some of us today?

The 20-page "PERSPECTIVE" of this issue is devoted Jens Bjørneboe. He would turn 100 in October. It is also 50 years ago Gateavisa was established. They both promoted anarchism at the time. But how relevant is it to be an anarchist today?

Bjørneboe spoke at the time in 1971 to the Norwegian Student Society in Oslo that «a society is a healthy society only to the extent that it shows anarchist traits». Here anarchism is more of an adjective, as is the extent to which a society manages to be democratic.

I perceive anarchism as freedom and solidarity, and as Bjørneboe said, “it only exists degrees. . .

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