JUBILEE / Join the debate after the documentary The problem of evil, and see the celebration that took place at Røverstaden about Bjørneboe's life and life's work.


Bjørneboe and the problem of evil

On October 10, there was a screening of the documentary Bjørneboe and the problem of evil at Vega Scene in Oslo. After the movie it was debate moderated by editor Truls Lie (MODERN TIMES), with Lars Fr. Svendsen (philosopher), Pia Maria Roll (theater director) and Lars Øyno (Theater of Cruelty). See the debate here:

Interview with the film's director Terje Dragseth you can read here.

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Bjørneboe marking at Røverstaden

Truls Lie The City of Robbers

At Røverstaden in Oslo on October 10, there was a celebration of Jens Bjørneboe's life and life's work, led by Audun Engh. Anecdotes, interview clips and reflections from Henning Næss, Christian Vennerød, Dag Kongsvik about the publication of Røde Emma, ​​and MODERN TIMES's editor Truls Lie (pictured) who tells about Bjørneboe's many contributions to Orientering as well as freedom of speech, Lars Elton about the bust of Bjørneboe and a little more. Video from the celebration can be seen here:

MODERN TIMES's articles about and with Bjørneboe are gathered here.

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