Bjørneboe's perhaps the rarest book

We had lived in the counterculture for a while. Worked in Gateavisa, clerk at Jaap (the book café Jaap van Huysmand's memory), eaten at Spisestedet. We were house heating in Hjelmsgate 3. And when several of us happened to be homeless at the same time, we organized together with members of the anarchist movement in Hjelmsgate a housing occupation of the empty Læregutthjemmet in Pilestredet 34 in August 1975.

As a budding literature, we had just started the magazine Trollskrift, with the subtitle «revolutionary literary magazine», which we as Gateavis journalists of course published at Futurum Forlag. After a while, we saw that there was in fact room for a countercultural publisher who focused exclusively on the literary, and who had a broader perspective than just publishing the publishers' own books. And since Gateavisa was Futurum Forlag's main business, and other things did not get the same attention, we felt that we did not step on any toes when three anarchists "went solo" and started. . .

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