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- Let the biggest rule!

- Let the six largest EU states rule the EU! Only in this way can the EU emerge from the paralysis that arose when the French and Dutch voters voted no to the EU constitution.


That is the message of Nicolas Sarkozy, France's finance minister. The six largest EU states, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain and Poland, must be "The engine of the new Europe." The other 19 Member States are allowed to decide whether to accept what the six are in favor of. If they accept it, they are part of the new Europe. If they do not accept it, they stand outside.

That way we can "Without institutional reform, two weaknesses in today's Europe will be remedied: Europe would be able to act, and would be able to act under the leadership of responsible politicians, not of anonymous bureaucrats."

Thus, Sarkozy had fired in two directions: against all smaller countries that do not accept such a great power empire – and against the European Commission in Brussels.

An EU in jeopardy

Sarkozy is no one in French politics. He is the leader of the government party UMP, the large party on the right-hand side in French politics. And he is, in his own eyes, the self-proclaimed heir to the party trap Jacques Chirac in the 2007 presidential election.

The background to the proposal. . .

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