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Russia: The killings continue

Another human rights activist and friend of my own newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, has been killed in Russia. It's worse than during the Soviet era. Read the column in Russian. If you do not have a license, please send a message.


Every Friday some of the world's leading advocates for freedom of expression write for Ny Tid. Our columnists are: Parvin Ardalan (Iran) Nawal El-Saadawi (Egypt) Irshad Manji (Canada), Elena Milashina (Russia), Orzala Nemat (Afghanistan) Marta Roque (Cuba), Blessing Musariri (Zimbabwe) & Tsering Woeser (Tibet).

Elena Milashina (Елена МИЛАШИНА) is an award winning Russian investigative journalist, working for the Moscow-based newspaper Novaya Gazeta. Send your comments to:

Наменитая российская правозащитница и бессменный руководитель Московской Хельсинской Группы Людмила Алексеева not available here: «In the Soviet era, the most powerful thing in the world. The news about it simply disappears».

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You can send a message to the client and on the web page. It is possible to buy, store, and rent. В России статистика раскрытия заказных убийств ничтожна. You can only enter and delete the keys, if any (!) You have received from your web server.

The usefulness of the appendix does not reflect the particularity and specificity of the oblique scope. It is possible to have a lot of things to do when it comes to Russian politics. In this case, the team of the rest is…

In January, this property was located in the same center of Moscow as the first office building, which was built by the lawyer of Stanislaw Markilov. «Novaya Gazeta» Anastasia Baburova.

Get the latest official version: Naughty Daughter - This is the work of Russian fascists, who were members of the government of Stanislav and Anastasia. According to the usual number of stalls that are used in the markets of Markelova and Báburów, there are two main points. Evgeny Chassis and Nikita Tikhonov are listed in the main section. Indeed, the experts on Russian neo-fascism outlined each other, giving each other the most potential of each one. Nikita Tikhonov, who is currently in Russian at the same time, can be seen on both sides of the road. Establishment properties and cases (and in this case, this property is not a specific case, the project is not) are located on the site.

The second version and second version of the version - «Czech». Markelov's name is a unique tool for the Russian president of the field of President President Ramzana Kadírova - much-discussed Russian politics. Merkelova's Advocate - Chechnya Massachem - publicly staggered, as Kadyrov drew him in a secret team in all the redness of the Czech Republic. The whole story of the massacre was done and nothing was done about it.

I know exactly that even in September, the investigator in the case of the murder of Markelova and Baburova went to Chechnya to familiarize himself with the materials of another criminal case of the murder of Natalya Estemirova.

Natalia ееемиров вЧ. 15Ч XNUMXЧЧЧ XNUMXЧ XNUMX Natasha is a very good lawyer for Stanislaw Markelova and Annie Politkovsky, Journalists «Novaya Gazeta» apartments in October 2006 года. They are the most capable of controlling women, living and practicing federal Russian soldiers in their time. The Russian Committee of the Russian Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, did not hold the party in high esteem, as it was the intention of Natalie Estemirov. Only some arrests have been made in this case. And this is not self-explanatory. The nature of Natali еestemirovoi – that is a lot of Czech militiamen or that is named after Russia, Kadyrovtsev. This is all about shooting, which is a good idea - Exactly and superficially in the interests of Ramzana Kadyrova, whose role is that Natalie Estimirov is a sluggish wrestler. This feature is a great feature of Natashi's unique feature. The mixture in the total number of pieces is based on the value of the product.

The score is the total number of times that Natalie Estimirowi received, as well as the one who made it to each other.

Следствие вряд ли осмелиться допросить Рамзана Кадырова, а также мэра города Грозного Муслима Хучиева, депутата Госдумы Адама Делимханова и других людей из ближайшего окружения президента Чечни. These figures are displayed in a wide range of motifs, as well as motifs for both Polytkovsky and Ostemirowi. They are also tools for organizing presentations. There is a problem with him, that in Russia there are people - non-toxic.

A large number of files are stored in the same section as Russia - President of the Foreign Office or Prime Minister? Is there a chance that Medvedev will be able to pursue his policy, and will not preserve the most prestige for the end of 2012?

The reaction of Dmitry Medvedev to the construction of Natalie Ostemirovy, however, is that a sharpening of this process.

Immediately after the murder of Estemirova, Medvedev began to openly defend Ramzan Kadyrov, saying that this crime was committed by enemies of Kadyrov in order to discredit and discredit the leadership of Chechnya and Russia.

Но если взять статистику убийств не только за последние десять месяцев, а за последние три года, то мы насчитаем более десятка убийств тех, кто был либо личным врагом президента Чечни, либо открыто обвинял Кадырова в совершении тяжких преступлений, либо был его конкурентом на политическом поле .

Focus on the success of the Russian-Russian Federation of Russella and Sulaima Shmadaevy. In addition, there are several types of viruses and viruses that are predominant in Russia, predisposed to the new politics of this president. «arrival of a couple» in the middle of nowhere.

Policies are shown in the following: Czech polemical commands, which are considered to be Russian, which are here and there. Stables are designed to be modified. This is all about Ramzana Kadyrova, which is the most famous of the most famous shows in all of Cairo...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In which the cadres of the steel field play the game of мамаеевы, Moscow does not need to be ready for selection. The hero of Russia's Russell Shmadaev was the first to return to the grid in October 2008 on his car, pristine on a sweatshirt. It is possible to send your visit to Dmitry Medvedev, who has not yet been contacted and who did not leave. Put your own name on Suilim Shmadaev, the best in one of all the possible Russian tools - ГРу, біл болен иссос by Russian. This is something that is being exhibited without the help of Moscow. Sulimad's will need to be written and linked to a different screen, even if you have not downloaded one. Depart from Kadyrova and leave for Dubai. Well, in this case, it's a good one. The Dubbi police force in the Kaddorova brigade organization – the deputies of the District of Adima Delimhanova. The construction of the Ruslamana Shmadawa is well maintained.

The practice of unobtrusive activity is actively recognized in the Czech Republic. In the case of this property in the center of Großnogo, we will meet the cadres and the representatives of the Greek activist Alik Zabriilov. They work in humanitarian organizations, which cover the need to support mines.

Alica and Zaremu are the subject of a discussion with the Czech Republic. Try to find the information you need. Then, in the middle of the bag, the machines and broilers in one of the Grozny region. The Sadulama device, the frame of the cell in the car with the frame (not the hotel can be different), should be at the same time as the month

Ramadan Kadyrov has not been publicly reprimanded for not using any of the effective methods for using the trick-or-treat. Now the result is excellent - backed by the Great Caucasus of Russia. The following is not a problem for users.If this is the name given to each one in the Severn Caucasus - Honus-Bek Evkurov, President of the Republic of the United Republic. In the mold for molds, the cotyledon is applied to the lesion and stagnated at the junction of the cervix, the cervical spine is removed. It is a topic that is not always easy to understand, but it is also a good idea. The president of the party, the winner of the series of positions of the political party, a large group of people. Read more of the most popular Maksharip Aushev. Macareax does not write, which is associated with the most common, which is considered to be bovine. On the other hand, if you want to use the new president, you can use the curry and the scissors to make a small piece of wood.

Maksharipa Ausheva has been appointed by the President of the Congregation of Murat Zyazikov, and his specials are written by him. The centenary of this good of the representatives of the PSB is trying to get rid of Auschwitz. On the other hand, there are interviews and scales that are shared by them, that are not well received. According to Russian provocative bodies, there is no such thing as an agreement. And in October, Makharipa Ausheva moved.

Elena Milashina was awarded the Human Rights Watch's Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism in October 2009. She continues investigations started by her colleague Anna Politkovskaya, who was assassinated in Moscow in 2006.

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Comment: The killings continue

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