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Blow at Christmas!


Are you blowing at Christmas? If not you have the chance now. Blow on Christmas and get some extra trim.

Follow the example from the United States. 50 Americans are now blowing in Jackie Kennedy  dolls delivered in life size. Jackie is available in company attire. She is available in panties and bras, and she can be filled with warm water if you need a bed warmer…

A real-life, warm Jackie in bed for only 10 dollars! Not per once, but for all Jackie every single night as long as she lasts.

If you have more refined needs, you can get Jackie with some extra accessories for the double amount. Right Vietnam-nam for handsome American boys. For men with ideals.

But the ideals change as known from country to country, and we see ourselves this Christmas able, as the first, to present a collection specially designed for the Norwegian market. The doll to blow up in original Norwegian design! Do you wish her a doll for the whole family? A unifying symbol, a father figure? Then we can offer Prime Minister Per Borten in lifelike rendering, wearing panties and VAT.

Or do you belong to those who would like to help? Then you should acquire the Norwegian folk gift. Let's send Sonja to developing countries to gain understanding and sympathy for our democratic Scandinavian state form, a recent dinner newspaper recently wrote. Now you have the chance. Support the King's House and Norway's cause. Join and spread the happy message – Sonja in full figure to the world's poor people. With hats for every country. An encouragement in a difficult breaking time. You can't join better Norwegian advertising and spread.

But let's not forget our own problems. Once again, the idea of ​​Europe is at the center. It is about selling your own country most efficiently on the open market. Do we have export items that are good enough? To meet the needs of a new era, we have specially produced a mini-doll, a real Norwegian souvenir modeled on Minister of Trade Kåre Willoch. Easy to carry in a handbag. Ideal for foreign travelers with trade connections. A special reminder of Norwegian willingness to cooperate, a gift that symbolizes the Norwegian export industry's international connection. Comes with a special discount to retailers for sale from kiosks to foreign tourists.

Another and very popular offering is the famous TV doll. A full-size celebrity right into your own living room. A dream offer for single women. Kjell Arnljot Wig as a partner in long winter evenings. Only available in party attire. Already inflated.

Or will you be on the safe side? A baby doll never goes out of fashion. It is old and well-proven and still just as popular. Our Guttorm Hansen model comes with accompanying sleeping bag at no extra cost. Durable and proven through 20 years in NATO's research laboratories. Has shown the best sleeping qualities during the five year Vietnam War. Also available with DNA gold mark.

Furthermore, on behalf of Storebrand and Den norske Creditbank, we have produced an immaculately drawn management model. The director doll has been named Per M. Hansson and is part of the extensive structural rationalization in Norwegian business and industry. Insurance companies, banks, companies and other corporations wishing to elect Per M. Hansson to the board of directors can now be assured that his chair will not remain empty. There is no need to fear a collision with any of the other 38 other corporations where Per M. Hansson is already a member of the board of directors or a representative board. One can safely choose him into new ones. Thus, the 38 Board and Representative Board positions represent no limit to this dynamic business leader, as one might previously fear. Avoid stress and infarction if you are a man with many strenuous representational tasks. Save yourself and insert Per M. Hansson instead. Now you have the chance to really enjoy your otium with the company's cognac and good cigars.

They do not have to worry about the rib fat. Take advantage of our unique and richly varied offer!

Blow on Christmas and get some extra trim!

Text: Duco, drawing: Ove

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