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Books in the back

The new social science books for high school make a jump presentation. Many of them are remarkably quiet in content.

When the school bell rings in August, the knowledge lift begins. All books at all stages should be replaced. More than 500 new books will be launched, and approximately seven million school books will be printed each year over the next three years. What are the more or less knowledge-hungry students going to learn?

The new curricula confer more power on the teachers and textbooks. You probably remember the headlines "Ibsen out of the Norwegian subject" and "2. world war disappears from history lessons, ”which came precisely because the new curricula are far less detailed than the curricula Gudmund Hernes made.

That is why Ny Tid is now reviewing the new social studies textbooks for upper secondary school to see what the students are presented with.

Where is the facility?

We're on. . .

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