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Should Damm Take Over New Time?

We have asked some prominent shareholders and former editors.


Berit Ås, former party leader in SV and shareholder in Ny Tid: When I ask who can lead Orienterings tradition further, I would probably prefer that something be done in collaboration with Klassekampen. But it is clear: If it is about survival, I agree with Damm taking over. This is a humanist publishing house in question, and I have a relatively good impression of Damm. I really appreciate Rune Slagstad and Berge Furre, who have their soul rooted in Orientering, but I don't know how much they have in business. It is terribly difficult to sit and be responsible for such an underfunded newspaper.

Turid Grønlund, former editor and shareholder in Ny Tid: When I was editor of Ny Tid, I had conversations with the then editor of Klassekampen to look at collaboration opportunities. At that time, I was struck by the strong feeling that the newspaper would be swallowed up – a kind of “Class struggle, in which. . .

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