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Boycott prohibited

With new threats of sky-high fines, imprisonment and charges of anti-Semitism and discrimination, anyone should be discouraged from both participating in and encouraging boycotts of Israel.

In several Western countries (USA, France, Canada), the authorities are now taking steps to criminalize the boycott of Israel, by individuals, organizations and businesses. A method of sanctioning Western politicians willingly towards other countries – and then always as punishment for alleged violations of international law – is therefore now wanted to ban in the special case Israel. It is difficult to interpret this as anything other than the politicians ringing the country – knowing Israel's gross and systematic violations of international law towards the Palestinian people, and the persistent reluctance to adhere to the UN's commitment to adhere to the agreed boundaries in the sharing plan from 1947. Considerations of freedom of speech are drowning in a debate where opposition to Israeli politics is labeled as hate crime.

Anti Boycott Law. In the United States, we find the most extreme expression of this form of censorship. Here – since the Export Administration Act of 1979 was adopted – there has been a total ban on. . .

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