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Brexit: The shame of democracy

Regissør: Timothy George Kelly

In this documentary we meet both people who voted for and against the UK to stay in the EU, as well as experts like Noam Chomsky.

Relationship loss or racism? It has been said that the referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU or not turned into an election that was not necessarily about continued EU membership but about immigration. When I took minority psychology at university, I wrote a paper on what it was that made people so afraid of immigration. Among the theories that could explain these feelings I found Samuel Stouffers relative deprivation – or relationship loss as Gudmund Hernes and Knud Knudsen call it – one of the most fascinating. The theory certainly seems to be supported by this documentary. In practice, this means that one feels that other groups get what one is actually entitled to, and this poses a risk to one's further rights as the resources decrease. In Norway and the United Kingdom, we have welfare schemes that are available when needed and financed. . .

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