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Greece: Bright spots in a sea of ​​misery

Across the crisis in Greece, solidarity clinics have emerged that are crucial to hundreds of thousands of Greeks.

"We want our own death," says Sfyri Evgenia.

She speaks on behalf of the Metropolitan Clinic where she works – one of many solidarity clinics that provide health care and medical care to needy Greeks. The offer is free and the work is based on volunteerism. The clinics count 51 across the country, and 20 only in the metropolitan area. They began to emerge under the pressure of the economic crisis and in the wake of the broad protest movement in 2011.

“We demand that health be recognized as public responsibility. But it's far ahead, ”Evgenia says. "The prevailing conditions do not exactly invite us to put ourselves down."

The history of Metropolitan began in the autumn of 2011, and it is today the largest of the Greek sows. . .

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