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He who burns down his father's house inherits the ashes

Nowhere to Run.
Regissør: Jaqueline Farris

Unfortunately, the title Nowhere to Run says most of Nigeria's environmental crisis. The film provides a useful introduction to the overwhelming amount of environmental problems that plague this part of the world.

The major environmental issues that are characteristic of Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, are put into interest in the context of today's social situation in this independent documentary. The reporting style is dynamic and based on conversations with a multitude of experts, activists and witnesses, creating a broad panorama of interwoven themes. On the other hand, there is little room for direct, in-depth observations of reality.

Environment and peace are connected. We are guided through a map of special Nigerian regions suffering from various problems. The film begins by reminding us that the environment is first and foremost "a loan from our children", and draws attention to desertification, deforestation, constant floods, severe oil spills and other serious environmental problems. We also get to see specifically how certain phenomena cause obvious social difficulties, often far away from the immediate surroundings: Deforestation and desertification in the north leads to communities being driven away in search of new land, with subsequent violent conflicts and clashes over limited natural resources. . .

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