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Burning hearts

The portraits of people who act and act when others do not, arouse hope in the hopeless. (Stream of the month to our subscribers).

A Heart That Never Dies (6 Movies)
Directed by Erling Borgen

It's easy to forget that change always begins somewhere, with one man or one woman. A revolution, or a fundamental change in the structure of society, is not something that begins with many, it does not begin with agreement. As a rule, it begins with a person who decides to tell a different story, to make a different perspective visible than the usual. Then the ka associates
Appreciate this one more, to stand stronger with their perspective.
It is such individuals that we get portraits of in the gripping and important documentary film series A heart that never dies, which highlights people who oppose oppression, abuse, and slander of freedom of speech.

Reminder. Such dissidents are needed, and we need to recalls that they are needed. We need to remember that they exist, too – both because they shed light on corrupt regimes in the world – but also because they give hope, and because they testify that it is possible to do anything, even in difficult conditions.
Ta José Rubén Zamora,. . .

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Kjetil Røed
Freelance writer.

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