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California Dreaming?

California Greenin '- How Golden State Became and Environmental Leader
Forfatter: David Vogel
Forlag: Princeton University Press (USA)
In his new book, Professor David Vogel describes how the state has managed in a number of areas to implement its own regulations to support economic and cultural development and growth.


In preparing for the UN's global goals, there was considerable uncertainty as to whether cities would be granted a new and special status as important "front runners" for the transition to sustainability. The cities and their respective municipalities were given this new status (Objective 11), thus opening up the fact that central decision-making bodies other than nations were recognized as the driving actors for a change. Not least thanks to the efforts of ICLEI – the municipalities' sustainable development organization – the efforts of the cities were recognized.

That decision levels other than the nations can have an impact on the transition to sustainability was already well known. The state of California is an example of this.

It is vital that the system of international institutions – the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and what became the World Trade Organization – be established at the end of 2. World War II, which sings a new "religion" on sustained economic growth, is being dissolved and replaced by new decision-making architectures that put the planet and civilization at the center. »As the imperative of sustained economic growth has been further developed as a coherent economic, political and cultural system based in the West – after 2. world war with the United States and the OECD countries as driving torch carriers.

In David Vogel's book California Greenin '- How Golden State Became and Environmental Leader we get the story of how the state of California has managed to implement its own regulations in support of economic and cultural development and growth in a number of environmental areas, but also as inspiration for the federal government in Washington.

California first?

If California had been a country, then its economy would have been surpassed only by China, Japan,. . .

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