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Captivating about the theft from the public purse

The Panama Papers
Regissør: Alex Winter

The Panama Papers emerge as a captivating thriller about the worldwide scam that led to a multi-billion dollar tax escape.

The story of how a small team of German grave journalists stumbled across the scoop of their lives and shared it with hundreds of colleagues around the world The Panama Papers into a captivating film.

Alex Winter's documentary is like a thriller where the suspense builds up slowly but surely. As in a fascinating lawsuit, we are witnessing a massive leak of documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca & Co. led to a series of arrests and the fall of some of the world's most powerful.

This is a film showing the worldwide tax evasion business worth many billions, systematic legal fraud and corruption among lawyers, bankers and politicians, in the performance of the anonymous announcer "John Doe" (which actor Elijah Wood gives voice to ) calls "capitalism, like economic slavery".

1 percent of the world's wealthiest now owns greater values ​​than the remaining 99 percent combined.

Just the extent of lost tax revenue – over $ 200 billion annually in the United States and other Western countries – helps explain why the last few decades have been so kind to the extremely wealthy. 200 percent of the world's wealthiest now owns greater values ​​than the remaining 1 percent combined.

This is a film that reveals the disturbing human costs of this grisly and obscene theft from the public purse. It's a movie that should be shown in every city, slum, village and every square in the world. It deserves the widest possible coverage and international television viewing in the best broadcast time.

The Panama Papers also sheds light on the invaluable role of journalists in a time when dark forces on the outer right are desperate to promote a "post-fact" agenda, where "truth" is no longer considered to have any meaning or value.

Money laundering for high profile clients

The source of the Panama Papers leak was a hitherto unknown law firm, Mossack Fonseca & Co., founded in 1977, which was run after a simple and shamelessly profitable. . .

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Nick Holdsworth
Holdsworth is a writer, journalist and filmmaker.

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