Carl Schmitt – an unpleasant theorist

Carl Schmitt was a German philosopher and lawyer who worked from the early 20 century and had a great influence on contemporary intellectuals. However, he became a Nazi and defended the Nazi regime in the first few years after the takeover of 1933. In 1936, he fell into disgrace with the Nazis, but the connection always stuck with him, so he was ignored for a long time, or if he was referred to, it was always with reservations.

In recent decades, however, interest in his thinking has picked up again thanks to his fundamental critique and analysis of liberal democracy, even though Schmitt himself had only contempt for this. We have a notion that it is the state that governs politics, but Schmitt believes that modern states rather appear as a kind of mediation body between a number of different interests. We see the problem in the parliamentary. . .

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