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Cash free – and totalitarian

The idea of ​​the cashless society is embraced by many as a symbol of progress. But who really wants to win on the liquidation of the cash community?

The battle to keep cash may have already been lost, so now it should be about who controls the new and digital so-called cryptocurrencies. If central banks (see mainly, editorial notes) have the exclusive right to issue cryptocurrencies through the private banking market, supervision will undoubtedly increase. This will protect the private banking system and allow them to enrich their owners and employees at depositors' expense. And the bill for insolvent banks is likely to be sent to the taxpayers. With cryptocurrencies, or cryptocurrencies, both politicians and the people will be controlled by money power.

Must. . .

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Hans Eirik Olav
Olav has a long time from the financial world behind him.

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