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- First law on integration

– The Introduction Act will be the first law in Norwegian history to integrate newly arrived immigrants. The proposal involves a major reform in Norwegian integration policy, says ...

- Asylum children are discriminated against

– If Norwegian children had been treated like the children of asylum, it would have been ruthless, says child welfare educator Line Ruud, who is quoted over Oslo Municipality's squabbling of her criticism.

Blair and Africa

Tony Blair's initiative for Africa should be treated critically but constructively.

What about Islam?

Religious criticism or tolerance? Both, under given conditions, says cultural radical Nazneen Khan-Östrem.

A problematic heirloom

"Our Christian Heritage" has become a mantra covering the religious conflicts that have always existed in Norway.

The Norwegian Indian War

Balanced and extremely exciting about the participation of Norwegians in the war against the Sioux Indians in the 1860s.

Dating with history

The verbal war between China and Japan is not about the past, but about the future.

Mobbens Dagbladet

Dagbladet has failed its cultural radical tradition.

The myopia P3

Can't they just call it the P3 song of the time?

The struggle of the extremists

This week has shown us how freedom of speech is used in a deadly, global game. But the counterparts are not the ones we are told.

Will settle with established truths

– Ny Tid has the opportunity to become an important niche newspaper. I would like to help build the newspaper into an important part of the debate in Norway, says Ny Tid's new editor, Dag Herbjørnsrud.

Gartner Anxiety

Our politicians 'fear of reducing farmers' farmers is more important than development considerations.

Where hijab meets closed gates

Two young girls attend school in hijab. Thus, the furious debate is on again.

Festival on box

Sommeren er tida for musikkfestivaler, særlig kammermusikkfestivaler. I Norge har vi nå minst tre store festivaler – i Risør, Stavanger og Oslo. I tillegg...

Car without brakes

It's been a long time since we only used our own powers to move or get help from our four-legged friend, the horse. In 1825, the first locomotive struck between Darlington and Stockton. And in 1895 Gottlieb Daimler triumphed with his first automobile.

The "logic" of the Yes site

Styremedlem i Europabevegelsen, Petter Wold, kan fortelle (Ny Tid 3. juni) at et nei til EU-grunnloven ikke er et nei til fransk EU-medlemskap. Nei,...

Democratic progress

We live in a historical moment. And the historical lies in what may now appear as a democratic moment, in that ...

Khaddafi on new and unknown roads

Muammar al-Khaddafi is not known to be particularly close to reality. So what's really going on in his head right now?

Is Bondevik prime minister?

Kjell Magne Bondevik asks the Storting to adopt an EEA directive he himself opposes.

Quran interpretation for everyone

Those who are not concerned with the core of Islam should perhaps find something else to read than the Qur'an.

To kill diabetics

Doctors in Zurich will no longer be allowed to kill British epileptics and diabetics who have stayed in the country for just a few hours.

Housewife's revenge

The anti-feminists have good times in the community holidays. The government should use the opportunity to remove the cash subsidy.

Euro – for pleasure or trouble?

Twelve EU countries were given joint banknotes and coins at the turn of the year. Much simplified – for businesses and tourists. But the twelve finance ministers are not getting any easier.

It was once a party

Jeff Chang tells the hip-hop story through political glasses and brings to life several myths along the way.

Middle East this week

Palestinians protest Gaza blanket Thick smoke rises from burnt rubber tires along the West Bank Wall. Action Palestinians hope to overshadow the smokescreen as the withdrawal from ...