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The Black Years

The flurry of dark forces and a polarizing political climate strike us when Hamburger Bahnhof exhibits art from the Nazi era.

The consequences of war

This week, the exhibition The Shadow of War ends at the Artists' House and thus also the artist Thomas Kvam's digital monitoring of the image that forms the basis of his work in the exhibition. We talked to him.

National Library: It's as if the building has been waiting for this

The National Library recently opened an exhibition on Norwegian sci-fi. "Maybe more than ever we need a genre that can contain philosophical and difficult questions about our existence," writes author Hanne Ramsdal.
Petronella Barker

To shoot after Faust with a shotgun

There is a lot of light, sound and timely embrace of #metoo in We Must Talk About Faust. But less Faust.

Post-Francoic stress syndrome

Nobel laureate Javier Marías writes strongly about Spain in the years following Franco.

Against the light of socialism

Nina Björk leads us through the fog of consumer power and identity politics, along with Rosa Luxemburg.

When art opens eyes

The experience of the dynamics of contemporary art festival – the interaction between cultural and political statements and my physical and mental movement through it – remains as the most thought provoking. 

Media is a main channel for distorted reality 

Sylvi Listhaug was never made with a cross in AFK's street artwork in Bergen, as presented on TV 2 the 6. April. Where exactly is the journalist's press ethical responsibility? 

Drone Dilla

Civil society must take ownership of the drone technology, says Anders Eiebakke, current with the exhibition Drones coming! 

Nostalgic outsiders

Three female documentary photographers – Lisette Model, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin – exhibit their contemporary photographs of the imperfections of marginalized and ordinary people.

The competent amateur

The desire to be an amateur permeated not only the music and movies the artist Tony Conrad worked with, but also the way he lived. Now the movie about him can be seen daily over an extended period in Oslo this fall.

Photo book – an expanding language

The photo book fills a void that the digital viewing space cannot fill, and therefore becomes even more important for a generation flooded with images.

Attempt to be alive 

What happens to the art of a time without permanence, where everyone is left to a floating, infinite space? 

Extreme artist's mirror

Marina Abramovic's autobiography is as uncompromising and confrontational as her performance art.

The banal emptiness of war 

It is the space of war – all that is beyond the sensational – Christoph Bangert shows us in his new project.

The gravity of the grief

ESSAY on grief and cancer.

The manifesto as an art form

The film installation Manifesto, which will be on display at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin these days, addresses some of the many paradoxes that stick to the manifesto genre – both in its political and artistic setbacks. 

"Republican is the new cool"

In a stunt just before the US election, a right-wing populist writer staged himself as a punk and performance artist. This hijacking also got artists and hipsters to vote for Donald Trump.

Jazz – Anarchy Music?

No conductor. No organizer. No composer. No boss. No archos. So anarchy. At the big festivals this summer, the common jazz language was exchanged.

Brilliant on earth

Knight's review and criticism of Munch's art are both hysterically funny, well-written and in many ways apt. But historical art criticism can have dubious value when it is as wrong as this one.

Artificial fertilized art

Kva grew up desirous of Norway's largest industrial adventure, asks artists who exhibit in Grenland in May.

What we don't do in our community

There are some things that are not allowed in our society. For example, it is not allowed to scream. Anja Breien gives us films that theme what we want and what we can.

VAGINA! Vulva!

Vienna: Die Jubiläumsschau shows Egon Schiele's 100 year-old artist, where the explicit nude portraits of the woman still provoke.

Camera women in the firing line

PHOTOGRAPH: A diverse selection of skilled war photographers is highlighted in oblivion in two new exhibitions at the Preus museum: War Time (1935 – 1950) and Lee Miller.

Picture of the week 03-06-2015

"The Bloodlands is the area of ​​Europe that extends from Lithuania in the north to Ukraine in the south, and where decades of conflict have caused ...